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Wedding Announcement:

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We would like to let you know that we have decided to spend our lives together and got married on April Fool’s Day, 2016, in Wiesbaden, Germany, in a circle of our family members and friends. Our spiritual wedding took place on the Hawaiian Big Island; the wedding ritual was conducted by kahuna Danny Akaka and his wife Anna in the presence of a small group of close friends – Jack Kornfield (Trudy Goodman was with us in spirit), Ricci and Jack Coddington, Rick Tarnas and Yvonne Klitsner, Betsy Gordon and Jean Baptiste Merlin, Christine Thomas and Bill Hofflund. We will be living on two continents – in Mill Valley, CA, and Wiesbaden, Germany. Some of them traveled far to join us for this special occasion; many thanks and Aloha!

Love, Stan and Brigitte Grof


Spiritual wedding in Hawaii 

Wedding in Wiesbaden Germany 
Our first visit to China 2015  
Our second visit to China 2016
Down memory lane: memories of Albert Hofmann
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